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Water Wise Tip for the month
Watering our plants at the moment is definitely a challenge. The trick with watering is to water less frequently but for a longer time period to encourage your roots the grow deeper into the cooler parts of soil and actually look for water. This will not only strengthen the plant but also give it a greater chance of survival.


Most plants that we have on special are actually adapted to be more water-wise e.g. Begonias have fleshy, succulent leaves which will retain water and they prefer the shade; the lavender have grey foliage and enjoy these hot, dry conditions. Even the Salvia, Hebe and especially the indigenous Agapanthus once planted in your garden or in a pot will tolerate minimal watering. The Viburnum although not having above mentioned water-saving characteristics serves another wonderful purpose in these conditions, it is usually used as a hedge and thus protects other plants from losing excessive water from transpiration on these windy days.

Herewith is a way that you save water by using your Greywater for watering!!
Enjoy your gardening!

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