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Lush greens will always cool you down

The gardens are all looking a bit battered and faded after the heat and lack of rain. Watering manually keeps plants alive but does not add the natural nutrients that come from rain water and it also flushes out nitrogen which is why the garden greens look duller. Here’s what you should be doing in your garden this month to beat the heat and get a fresh looking garden for autumn.

Soon enough the lawns will slow down their growth. It’s time for the last feeding of the season to boost the lawn and to get your green, after the watering has washed away a lot of nutrients. By feeding your lawn now you not only extend the green time but your lawn will also green up sooner in the new spring.

Nothing looks better than bright green healthy leaves and the only way to ensure that is to feed with a fertiliser that is higher in nitrogen. BioGanic Lawns is an organic fertiliser that will boost leaf growth and improve colour. It is a slow release so it won’t need plenty of water to work but a good watering at application is needed to activate it. The best news is that if we do have a thundershower it won’t wash out so you really do get the best results with it.